Learn How To Create a More Resilient Mind So That You Can *Harmoniously Coexist* With Your Mental & Physical Struggles In Life

… Even if you've tried therapy, medication, spiritual practices and reading books, but nothing lasted in the long term

The FREE Spiritualogic Masterclass!

Taught by Sanal Bhanu Rajan - Spiritual Thought Leader & International Speaker

- In this Masterclass, Sanal will share his brand new method of mind transformation & harmonious living that'll help you gracefully coexist with challenges in life and finally get fast  results from spirituality!

Have you been struggling from mental or physical pain and desperately looking for a way out? 

Maybe you are stuck because:

  • Your therapy and medication only provides short term reliefs 

  • ​You’ve been seeking and reading books that are supposed to help free your mind from suffering but it either didn't make sense or didn't fit in with your crazy life 

  • ​You're addicted to the yoga bliss, meditative peace and retreat vibes but then as soon as you go home, you start feeling crummy again and aren't able to keep up these practices in your daily life

  • ​Your life is so busy and hectic, you can hardly find any "me time" so you feel like you can't do any personal development work to get yourself out of your rut

  • You don't feel fulfilled in life and you don't feel connected to your friends, family and work as much any more


Sign Up NOW and Get access to *a new way* of transforming your mind that nobody is talking about

This masterclass reveals it all. 

In this exclusive masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of Spiritualogic and how this logical approach to spirituality & mind transformation can make a profound impact on your life
  • The importance of perception and how you can ultimately take charge of how and what you choose to see in life and make decisions from a place with more abundant choices
  • ​How to develop a rich set of cognitive processing skills and how to be inherently adaptable and adaptive in any and all situations in life
  • How to identify what your current personal narrative might be and how you can re-tell that story in a way that serves your greater purpose and desires in life
  • How to create your own spiritual map that allows you to gracefully navigate through the complexities in life with awareness & harmony 

This is a no fluff - straight to the point masterclass Chalked Full of logical & tangible ways that you can transform your mind and create more peace with the circumstances in your life. 
come prepared to focus, listen and take notes!

Meet Sanal Bhanu Rajan - A Revolutionary Spiritual Thought Leader Who Developed This Approach

Sanal is an international speaker and thought leader who has developed his own, entirely fresh approach on integrating spirituality into the modern times and transforming the mind, so that people around the world can experience true and everlasting peace.

Originally from India, he has studied different modalities of meditation and spirituality since he was a young boy, and leading up to early adulthood, he has spent the last 13 years developing his own philosophy by piecing together the most powerful methods and ideas of personal and mind transformation.

Sanal's quest for knowledge extended to intensive training in personal development, mind mastery, hypnosis, Western & Eastern philosophies of spirituality, and communication methods. He has been mentored by some of today’s leading experts.

Sanal has transformed the lives of countless spiritual seekers and people of all walks of life, from around the world, as he has spoken both informally and formally in a wide spectrum of settings. He has spoken for yoga students at yoga teacher training’s, both in India and Thailand, where he was able to bring completely new insights and ways of thinking about spirituality.

He was invited to work regularly as a guest speaker for university classes across India where he brought in an entirely universal way of teaching the youth how they can master and take charge of their minds, manage stress and be more productive.

Sanal’s life has been dedicated to making an impact on people’s lives and he has found that his “happy place” where he truly shines, is through sharing this knowledge with others. His mission is to make an astounding impact on the world, and to initiate a shift in consciousness that allows people to find true happiness no matter what obstacles come their way.

Sanal's mission has now evolved to embrace the digital age, as he has developed an online program to share his knowledge with people worldwide. Through social media, podcast interviews, one-on-one sessions, group coaching, and virtual events, individuals from all walks of life can access his teachings and attend live talks.

Presently based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, Sanal serves as a distinguished instructor at one of the largest yoga schools, continuing to inspire and transform minds around the globe.

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